Deploy to from Win 10 to iOS stops at 'VerifyingApplication'

I work with UE4 for half a year now on Windows 10. I’m focusing on iOS-Game right now.

I have a game and I wanna test it on iOS. I had it running without problems on my iPhone X with iOS 4.5.1. After the iOS 4.6 update my games wouldn’t work (i describe the error further below).
I couldn’t get my game onto my phone. So I bought a new iphone (i needed a new one anyway, right?). I thought that I had to reimport provision profile and certificate, so I did.
But still ue4 always stops the deploy at the ‘VerifyingApplication’ step.
I don’t know what to do and I’m super frustrated. I’m stuck on this ■■■■ for almost 2 weeks and I can’t tes/work.

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same problem