Deploy / Launch on iPhone with XCode 9


I am trying to get the ARKitSample working on my iPhone for the last two days without any success. I tried both 4.17.1 binary, 4.17.2 source and 4.18 source.

I added my apple id to XCode. I also have created a dummy project to generate my certificate and provisioning profiles. I changed my ios settings in the project settings with cert and profiles turning green. But when I try to launch the project on my phone I get the following message:


  • LogPlayLevel: Code Signing Error:
    Provisioning profile “iOS Team
    Provisioning Profile:
    com.gencoglu.SourceC” is Xcode
    managed, but signing settings require
    a manually managed profile.

I also tried launching the project from XCode. After fiddling with the automatic signing options I got the build to upload to my phone but in this case the app crashes on launch.

I would really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction.


I successfully deployed my App on an iPhone (iOS 11 official) using Xcode 9 official and Unreal Engine

Version: 4.17.1-3586342.

And with the help of the UE documentation for iOS :

You must use a certificate generated on Apple developer website not in Xcode to get rid of the “Xcode managed” message.

And to make things easier for deployment, try use a wildcard (*) certificate.

By my side:
Build succeeded but launch finally failed.

The app is visible on the iPhone but crashed immediately after launch.
No log in console.

Thanks for the info. I was not able to generate a certificate on the Apple developer site since I was not paying for the membership. But since I posted this message I finally gave in and paid for the membership. Now provisioning works for me without a problem.

Also ARKit seems to be somewhat problematic with 4.17 and XCode 9. But I finally had success with the newly released 4.18 preview.

The ARKit Setup is also much simpler in the new version. Unfortunately I do not have a solution for 4.17.


So I’ll give a try and compile version 4.18 to see if it allows me to launch the app on the phone.