Deploy iOS game from PC?


I searched around and couldn’t find a definitive answer for this so I was hoping that someone here knew. I’m currently messing around with the Unreal 4 engine on my PC (my main desktop). I was wondering if I can develop a game with Unreal 4 on my PC then deploy it to an iOS device. At first thought I would think “NO” because of Objective-C in Mac but if I use Blueprint for any sort of “programming” part of me thinks it would be possible.

Does anybody know? Thanks!

There is a task in Trello to do this Trello

I imagine you will still need a mac to actually submit your final build to Apple.

Looking forward to this update.

No, you will need a Mac with Xcode installed and a valid Apple developer license to deploy to devices.
Unfortunately there is no way around this.

Arguably you could install a Mac OS on a PC as a Virtual Machine but I’ve tried this and it didn’t really work so well.

Ah sorry I meant can I develop a game solely on the PC side with Unreal 4, save out the files, then open it up on a mac version of Unreal 4 engine and THEN deploy it. I guess I’m just wondering if the game I develop on my Desktop (PC) with Unreal 4 will be cross-platform. Thanks for the replies!

The files should be cross-platform

UDK actually had the option to deploy to IOS from Windows, but since you’d have to have a Mac anyways to submit the final game to the app store it wasn’t a complete solution.