Deploy game for XBOX

Hello, community. We are going to deploy our games to Consoles, And I still wait for answer from Microsoft, But maybe you can help :).

I found Microsoft creator program Xbox Live Creators Program | Xbox, where is mentioned that you can became certified developer and can develop for Unity, MonoGame etc. But I can not find UE4 in this list.

There is other Microsoft program ID@XBOX Independent Developers Program for Xbox One | Xbox, which is OK, but It required more details from the company. And now we just want to make some experiments, but they require game concept, etc.

I Know that is COULD possible to deploy apps to RETAIL XBOX, without DEV KIT.

SO, my question, What Is the proper way to Develop/Deploy to XBOX??
I’ll be happy any input from you guys :slight_smile: Have a nice day!

You will need to wait to be approved by Microsoft before you’ll get the information you’re after.

If you want to join their developer program then you have to prove that you have a legitimate project, so they aren’t likely to accept you in if you just want to mess around with it. You can get the UWP branch of UE4 to be able to send builds directly to a retail Xbox, however the resources available for UWP games is limited so it won’t run as well.

This is changing with the fall update.

Thanks for your answer, I’ll look, but what do you mean about limited resources for UWP? What I can not to do with retail Xbox?

UWP apps do not get as much access to memory or processing power as native Xbox games.

Access to fewer cores / ergo fewer threads too.

Thanks, I’ll try next week. Where I can the UWP branch of UE4?

I guess I found