Dependency on Plugin

I emailed marketplace-support, but I figured I would ask here as well.

I noticed in the marketplace that there are items that are dependent on the Substance plugin being installed.

Does this mean that I can sell something that is dependent on the Gamesparks plugin being installed too?

I’m building what is essentially going to be an FPS shooter template with the entire multiplayer core using Gamesparks real-time and want to know if I can sell this product in the future on the marketplace. This product will be for developers who want to build a shooter but not rely on user sessions. This would enable the developer to use a dedicated-server type system without having to resort to getting the whole engine from Github and placing the dedicated server on some place like AWS and spending lots of money they might not have.

The guidelines say “No”.
I have asked this same question, no answer…
But I think if you manage to never break packaging when the base plugin isn’t present or target platform not supported then it’s probably fine to do it. I would only do this with base plugins that I maintain myself though; if someday gameSparks pulls the plug from UE4 you are screwed, if their plugin goes yours goes away too.

The official word on this has always been no. Marketplace content is meant to ensure that they aren’t dependent on any other package, including substance I think.

Is Substance like a sponsored plugin then, allowing people to sell items that contain Substance materials? If for some reason, Allegorithmic decides to stop supporting their plugin or pulls it from the marketplace, wouldn’t all those dependent marketplace items break as well?

That I can’t comment on. Part of the ‘preparation’ process for submission of marketplace content specifically states to remove ALL plugin dependencies… I’ve always taken this to include Substance, as it’s a plugin just like any other. You’d need to get Epic to respond directly to this I guess. I’ll pass a link to this discussion on to Adam/Stephanie in discord and see what they have to say.

Hi everyone,

If a plugin is required for a project, it must be a plugin that is available on the marketplace and must have this requirement explicitly and clearly stated that the plugin is required for the packs use.

So in theory, if someone wanted to make a marketplace package that required on a paid plugin, this would be allowed?

Does this only apply to plugins? Some marketplace creators have expressed, in prior discussions, the desire to make ‘addons’ and such for their content, but were always told that no dependencies on other marketplace assets were ever allowed.

This tutorial helped me: