Dependencies into plugin

Hello, all!

I make plugin which have next struct:





I want make build dependencies my source code. For example, first make B.h and B.cpp, and then A.h and A.cpp.
How I can do this? It possible ?

It’s meaningless what you trying to do, the way how C++ compilation works, all cpp files are compiled to individual independent object files and at the end they are linked together to form final dll usally by single linker command, order of compilation does not matter.

If you really want them to be dependent the separate them in to separate modules.

If you want more help you need to explain why you exacly want to do that

I try make plugin for ready c++ library, which makes with makefile ( a talk about Voro++ - A 3D Voronoi cell software library). When I create blank plugin an try build, i get errors about duplicate symbols. I think about dependencies…

So duplication happens in voro++ or your code?

In voro++. Can link after build plugin.

For example:
Info duplicate symbol __ZN4voro13wall_cylinder12point_insideEddd in:/Voronoi/Plugins/VoroPP/Intermediate/Build/Mac/UE4Editor/Development/VoroPP/

It’s duplication inside voro++… hmmm can’t you build this library as a seperate project, compile it atleast to static link lib file and then use only headers in Unreal project and just link lib. It’s what this tutorial does:

Thank you!
I think about static lib. This is my plan B ))) But firstly, i try make plugin. May be other people have a secret knowledge about my question.

I can solved the problem. It’s very easy )))
I create folders for sources file (*.cc, *.c, *.cpp and etc.) and get them files. Next, I get all headers in Source/Public.
In *.Build.cs a wrote:

			new string[] {
// objs=cell.o common.o container.o unitcell.o v_compute.o c_loops.o v_base.o wall.o pre_container.o container_prd.o

In comment a wrote all obj file needed for making lib