deORBIT Platformer, Puzzle, Horror show some greenlight love :)

deORBIT throws you in the shoes of an engineer who has to prepare a space station for it`s second year as a hotel. But after a collision with an asteroid , the station is thrown into deep space. The player will have to stay sane and fit to see the end of the adventure…


No hand holding: The tutorial will tell you everything you need to know, but after that you are ALONE.
Adaptive: The game adapts to the way you play, so you will have to adapt to survive.
Organic: Explore and find solutions to problems when you want and the way you want!
Challenge: Navigate, repair, survive an extremely complex environment filled with tools that can help you and paths that can doom you.
Good Horror: Horror is hard to pull of right, if I can’t manage to make it good, I won’t tack it on.
One person/monster: There are no hordes of infected, aliens or creatures. There is only one guy and he knows the place better than you.
**Puzzles: **The puzzles are both mental and physical , each one will test your spirit or your body. (No One-Hit Killers)
Sanity: In a lot of games there is a meter that shows you how sane you are, BUT crazy people don`t know they are crazy and so you wont know too.
Health: Is separated from the sanity so you can be insane and healthy or almost dead and the only thing keeping you alive is the power of will
Made for PC: The game will take full advantage of modern GPU’s horsepower.
**FOV:**Field of View is a must for every fps game, and Deorbit delivers, ingame FOV adjustment.
Surround/Eyefinity: With any resolution, and a matching FOV for better immersion
Xbox 360 controller: Works!





How to solve problems in deORBIT

Neat concept! I went ahead and voted on Greenlight.

Thanks man I hope you like it !

Very interesting looking concept Midnight640! I will be keeping an eye on this as you progress through developing your game. Great work so far!

DEMO v1.3 - “Survive an hour in his shoes”

Thanks Sean!

I updated the demo in IndieDB, all the feedback will be greatly appreciated( screenshots will help if you find bugs).
Check the Greenlight page for more info. And as always show some love !

Thank you!!!

Here is the log:

You can explore the whole asteroid. There are some dangers , some things to fix , some bombs to diffuse.

Air Tanks - Extend how long you can explore environments devoid of oxygen, just be careful, as not all tanks are completely filled.

Pipe Bomb - Blast open doors, and destroy other obstacles, just make sure to stand clear when they go off.

Crafting Benches - Use supplies you scavenge to make both improvised and complex tools like filled air tanks, pipe bombs, longer lasting flashlights and more! Put that engineering degree to some use.

Throwing - want to make sure no unpleasant surprises await you down a dark hallway? Throw a flare! Want to make sure you’re clear of the blast radius when that door gets blown to pieces? Well, just make sure the pipe bomb doesn’t bounce back at you. 0G is tricky.

Additional info and bugs :

DEBUG feature - press 5 to skip tutorial

Added Interact key [F] (need to implement it for more actions )

Saving: Once you disable a bomb you can use it to save your progress. You can save only ONCE per a disabled bomb!

To disable bombs hit them with anything (this will be made into a puzzle/problem where each bomb has to be disabled in a different way )

Saving Problems - the items don’t load correctly save when you have no items. Progress saving should work fine.

Bug - sometimes broken doors appear 2 times ( have to look into that )