Denuvo anti tamper

Denuvo seems to be more or less effective against pirtaed games, or lets better say it can buy you at least some time.
From what im reading Conan Exiles is using Denuvo, so basically it is also avaiable for indie developers ?
Would be interesting to know what the costs are for using denuvo anti tamper for a indie game?

Funcom aren’t an indie developer, they’re a decent size studio and been around a long time.

No matter if they are a indie studio or not the main question stays the same :stuck_out_tongue:
However Conan Exiles is clearly not a triple A quality game, what i mean by that is… It looks and fells like a indie game.
But thats actually not the point of my question, im still interested to know if indies studios/companys can have access to Denuvo and what is even more important, what is the price ?

I’m guessing it’s a licensing thing so it would depend on how many copies you plan to sell.

So bascially not really affordable :confused: at least for indies…

If your game isn’t expected to sell much then they might not be interested in working with you.