Den of Evil - graduation project

Greetings everyone!

We are small team of three friends, would like to present our graduation project.
Our goal is to make top-down slasher game, with magic and some combo-system.
There gonna be one level, filled with enemies, traps and other cool stuff including HUGE BOSS :smiley:

Here is our first and super rough build:
There is just simple ai, some effects, hud placeholders etc. :slight_smile:

First gameplay video:

Also here is some screens with other cool stuff:
Bully Demon:
Hero update

Latest Update

Our team:
Nikolay Tsys:
Yuri Porubov:
Kirill Meladze:

Looks great! Good job guys!

Love it! Really excited to see this project progress, as I am wanting to make something similar. Good luck and hope it turns out better than you expect!

Looks nice! Fun hack and slash. I like the magic shards.

I dig the walk cycle. It’s got a nice flowing feel to it.

Looking very good so far!

Character renders & concept Art look good. Game looks fun to in the video.

Thank you all for the warm welcome! :rolleyes:

Here is something kewl for you guys

And if its not enough, check out our main character update :smiley:

Hope you would like it (:

Looking very good so far!


Hi guys, how are you?)

After messing around with behavior tree i decided to put this vid here…its pretty much describes my condition :smiley:

Hello guys! We would like to show you our latest build) Hope you will like it!

Looks very professional! Keep it up!

is it just me, or does the main characters sword swings look a bit awkward?

Great job guys!

Coming soon…