Demorec and Demoplay not working using blueprints

Hello, i try to create a replay system in my game.

I call demorec function using “execute console command” node. Then I use DemoStop and DemoPlay.
But when the blueprint executes demoplay, the game begins to freeze and is stuck in the same frame.

However, when i write these functions directly in the console when i play, it works perfectly :open_mouth:
I don’t know how to fix it.

Can someone help me? :slight_smile:

Here is the screenshot of the very simple script i made. It has be done on the third person project.

I had the exact same issue. It was bug reported like 4 months ago. Not heard anything back from it.

Try demorec test and demoplay test with the <> brackets around ‘test’ instead. For me the engine crashed without the <> brackets. However now I get the following error in the output log: couldn't open file for writing.

Any updates on this bug? has this been fixed and is it still an occuring issue?

Seems that in the next hotfix this issue will be solved:

I can’t even find DemoRec in the console commands, why is that? using unreal 4.14.3