Demons'r Crazy: Carousel Teaser

Happy April’s Fool day everyone at Unreal Community. :slight_smile:

On such a fine day to fool and be fooled, I humbly share with you all a little short teaser from our company’s online game project called “Demons are Crazy”.

Demons’r Crazy: Carousel Teaser:


Everything you see inside the teaser is rendered real-time using Unreal Engine 4. I cannot tell you more about the detail of the game itself, but hopefully it will soon be released this year.
I know I asked a lot for updates and fixes, but Unreal is truly an amazing 3d engine that let a small team like us able to achieve something that we couldn’t have done otherwise.

We still have a few more miles to catch but if you like our project please give us a thumb up at

Best wishes and hope you have a fun jestful day :wink:

ha nice:), loving the art style:D

Thank you, and don’t forget to press HD for it. Still can’t figure out proper way to compress vdo for yt here. :slight_smile:

I hope this is Theme Park meets Dungeon Keeper, it’s looking really good.

this looks really cool, nice work :wink: