DemoNetDriver - Can't get memory streamer to work properly

Hi all,

We’re trying to implement a “Killcam” using the UE4 Replay system. We’re going by this documentation about implementing replays: DemoNetDriver and Streamers | Unreal Engine Documentation. We’re using the Memory streamer and really struggling to get it working.

The memory streamer uses a Dynamically duplicated level to playback the replay so that live play isn’t affected when the replay plays. The only example I can find of this being implemented anywhere is in Unreal Tournament but that was done on an older version of the engine and I’ve tried using a similar implementation on our end. It has major issues and I can’t seem to get playback to happen properly. It transports the player to the correct map and spawns the Spectator pawn, etc but doesn’t playback any of the replicated actors as it should.

Theoretically I think we should be able to run the following functions from game instance to record and playback a replay.

In our game instance cpp:

     TArray<FString> Options;
     StartRecordingReplay(NewName, NewName, Options);

void PlaybackKillcam()
     TArray<FString> Options;
     PlayReplay(ReplayURL, nullptr, Options);

In our build.cs:

 new string[] {


The documentation suggests that I should create a dynamic duplicated level and then destroy it after the replay ends. I’m not sure if this is something the engine does already through the replay system or if we need to implement that ourselves. Have you ever dealt with this before? Know how I might create a dynamically duplicated sublevel and properly tell the PlayReplay function to open it/playback from there?

I’m clutching at straws here.

Having the same issue - cant seem to find any info how to configure Memory Streamer

Currently looking at this as well, and interested.
The only really solid examples i can find are in the UT source code.

They seem to create a world, then disable the tick, then enable it when they play the replay back.

Would love to see more examples, better docs on this but i think this can help… (it has probably changed since UT, but hey, this might be better than nothing…)

I’m also trying to build a killcam system in a multiplayer sports game and can’t find enough documentation on how to use the memory streamer.
If already that can help you: I found these two videos in which they show how to create a sublevel UE4 Level Streaming | A Blueprint Tutorial by Devin Sherry - YouTube
HTF do I? Level Streaming using Blueprint Nodes in Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube
However I can’t figure out how to implement the Memory Streamer anyway.
Did you succeed?
Or maybe we could search together? Do you have discord?