Demon Hunter Speed Modeling

In a thought…

:open_mouth: Teach me senpai!

Really awesome to see the face being made from one single front shot.
It takes me hours to create nothing from 10 reference pictures xD

I hope i will be able to create me own characters in far future.

I wish I had that kind of talent for 3d modeling O.O

Just started my 30 day MODO trial, i’m thrilled … much more intuitive then Blender (at least for me that is), though had to disable trackball navigation (per this video Rotate - Viewport Navigation - MODO 801 Basics on Vimeo)

MODO trial
MODO Indie

Alot of people who are new to Modo always complain about the trackball, The Foundry knows this yet they still have it on by default…sigh. The default navigation is LightWave, I just change it to Maya navigation and of course trackball is off.

If you do alot of hard surface modeling, use PSUB with edge weighting: modo 501: Pixar Subdivision on Vimeo
You can even add “round edge shader” on top of that to get more control over small bevel/fillets. It’s runtime “trick”.

I’m using both on my current work in progress:

Thanks, this method seems to be very handy, but why do you still want interop with Maya? For collabs or something else?

btw Speedmodelling on a quick scifi corridor.

As you say, for collabs or if you are in a mix pipeline situation, where you model in modo and maybe animate/render in another app. The scifi corridor video is awesome, Tor Frick is using the round edge shader extensively in it.

How can you see that you are in PSUBS mode? Where is this setting exactly?

I assume you are using the default hotkeys in Modo.

  1. Make a cube
  2. Hit 3 on the alpha numeric side of the keyboard, this brings it to polygon selection mode.
  3. Hit Shift + Tab. You should see “Polygons: Catmull-Clark” at the bottom right of the 3d viewport.This is PSUB

Hitting shift+tab is slow so I remap it to TAB instead. Take the time to customize the hotkey it will speed things up.

edit: if anyone is interested in getting commercial license of Modo(not the indie version) its cheaper to buy a “used” copy of it in the marketplace: With modo your license will run on Mac,Linux,Windows.

Blender FTW!:slight_smile:

It’s always so depressing to watch these… If only I really applied myself during the last 10+ years I’ve been playing with 3d modelling.

Pretty impressive vids though (especially from that reference).

awesome work and hope to see more!

Well, i just begun with Blender … :slight_smile: