Demolition Custom Gamemode In ShooterGame?

How would one go about creating a new custom game mode such as Demolition in ShooterGame? The scripts for TDM/FFA seem to be just about winning/losing based on points. How could you implement 2 destructible bomb sites, one at either side of the map, and even edit the TDM script so that when a certain amount of damage is done to a bomb site, it is destroyed and the team that destroyed it wins? I can understand all of the movement and shooting mechanics, but gamemodes don’t make sense for me just yet, are specific game rules even implemented in the GameMode script? Are gamemodes possible to create in Blueprint? Thanks!

You extanding TDM class and modify and override to make it work as you like (Thats how team modes been implemented in UT games), obviuesly you will need to create class for bomb site which your gamemode code would monitor and do stuff depending what happens to it, you can also make bomb site to communicate to gamemode class (after checks if they really demolition game mode)

And yes you can do that with blueprint, you can extend any class wit blueprint as long as one of parents are blueprintable and theres no notbluprintable class in inherence chain

Thank you for the great answer!