Demo with multiple Monitors (UE4 on one, 2nd App on other) - How keep UE4 fully running?


I need a solution on how to setup a UE4 demo with multiple monitors (or running applications) and keeping UE4 running “fully” without the window focus.

I have a setup:
Monitor 1: running a UE4 demo (cinematic)
Monitor 2: a simple control application that can change the scene of the UE4 demo (switch from scene 1 to scene 2)

The problem is this:
if the control application is being clicked on, it gets the focus. In this moment, UE4 looses focus and goes silent (sound is muted).
Is there a way to tell UE4 to just keep running, even if running in the background or without window focus?

Thanks! Any hint is greatly appreciated!

  • Ben

There is a setting for “audio in background” (I think it’s in advanced settings). I’m not sure if you can change the background fps or not.

Hi EtCetera,

this option only affects the editor :frowning: I need something similar for a packaged build.

thank you anyway :slight_smile: