demo The Beast Inside

Hello folks!

We have released a demo of horror game The Beast Inside. It is an horror/thriller adventure game where you play 2 characters - Adam who is CIA cryptanalyst who moves to a new house and discover an hidden diary of a mysterious man called Nicolas who lived there a long time before him. The second character is… you guessed Nicolas :slight_smile: Who came back to his home after a decade being in “a place”. More info on our KS page so I won`t spam you with the info here.

We have made a game fully based on physic. You can interacte with almost every object in the game. Also we want to push our puzzles to higher level than in other games in this same genre. They won`t be easy but we want to keep the logical. So, no hidden note with passwords 1234 behind an painting. :slight_smile:
As for the graphic, we used many photogrammetry inside the house that we made by ourselfs.

Here is the link for the KS for more images (or demo if you decide to support us :wink: )


well done, it seems cool game.
I have few question:

  1. can you tell us about your team ? for example how many members you have or how many designers or programmer work on this project?
  2. how many days takes for you guys take to finish this game?
  3. you mentioned player can interact with almost every object in the game . can you tell me did you guys use dynamic lighting for all lights or static or stationary + dynamic?

I hope you will receive good support from people for your hard work.


Hey AAriyAA

I`m glad you like it :slight_smile:

  1. Well, we are small team (we are indie devs) so like a dozen in a peak time. We have lot of freelancers that helps us so we dont have a constant number for the whole time.
  2. We spend few months on the whole script before we even started making things (cpt. obvious :slight_smile: ). Overall it was overa a years or so. We needed to make all the mechanics, test them etc. so this was a hard time. They still need a lot of tweaking but we are happy what we got not. Physics can be hard to controll as you know so this is something that we want to improve.
  3. We have a mix of them. We try to use the very wisely since there is so much going on. We have baked lighiting, dynamic, extra GI dynamic without shadows to add more lights in some darker areas or just to make it looks more artistic. We do plan to make our own technique for the whole environment since the area will be a bigger one. The house is just a one, small location. :slight_smile:

Thanks, we hope we will get the funds and make the game. We have some pretty cool ideas and the story is just scratched in the demo.


We are honored to be on the launcher’s Spotlight! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see more progress!

Thanks! Hope we will meet the main goal on KS! :slight_smile:

:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool: aya

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Congratulations! This game looks absolutely awesome (gameplay and graphics)! I am a proud backer!!

Some tech doubts, i will appreciate if you have the time to answer :slight_smile:

1 - Do you guys use blueprints to build the code or the mechanics are coded directly in C++?
2 - The textures are created in some software like Substance or are mostly obtained in the Photogrammetry process?
3 - The area outside the house is absolutely gorgeous, specially at night time… could you please share info about the ground material and the trees?
4 - Do you use some techniques like Distance Fields or something like that? :slight_smile: What about the antialiasing, is it TAA?

Please, we would love to see some screenshots of the game in the UE4 Editor.

Also, the community would be veryyyyyy happy if you guys could share some more in depth info about the game development… the lighting process, the photogrammetry process, the gameplay mechanics. Maybe some kind of dev diary…

Big post… i am very excited about this game :wink:

Congrats again and thanks!!!