Demo - Simple Sci Fi FPS

Greetings Community !

As for my first post here I’d like to show you the project I’ve been working on for the last two months, here it is “Demo Project”

Info (Updated 6/21/2015)
Third and final iteration of Demo Project. Decided to go with endless/infinite runner style, though I think there isn’t any game of that type in first person. I came up with “Endless First Person Shootout” name for Demo.

Demo is running on constant 60 frames per second with mid spec machine. Demo is developed with the use of Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.

During development of “endless” Demo Project I’ve encountered few game breaking bugs, obviously they yet to be solved, but right now you can try running endlessly on your own. You’ll find download link for standalone *.exe at the bottom.

Controls (might be tricky here):

A, D – Strafe Left/Right | Double Tap A/D while in air – Dash to the Left/Right
LMB – Fire
R – Reload
Space – Jump (Double Tap Space for Double Jump)
Hold Space while in air – Gliding (Character gains rapid acceleration, can still dash to the sides, releasing Space ends Gliding)
Left Shift – Sprint
When reaching the corner press A or D depending on turns direction
ESC – Pauses Game and opens up Settings Menu

Download link:

Info (Updated 6/12/2015)
I’m looking forward to doing some collaboration with anyone interested with that project. I’m open for anything, whether it’s just some tips, advises, design ideas, technical stuff or art. You’d need to know that I’m funding this project from my own pocket, therefore I cannot pay you in any way (well I might buy you a beer if you’re close to UK, Midlands ^^). I do not have any plans for releasing this project to any platform as of now since it’s still a long way to go, lots of money to be put in and lots of stuff to be added or changed. I do work full time (not game industry related, pretty much dead end job as you’ll read in “About Me” paragraph), thus I can only work on this only in my free time. Nevertheless, I’d like to invite anyone willing to add something of theirs to this project.

“Demo Project” is a simple Sci-Fi FPS with platforming elements and mechanics, made entirely with blueprints. The rules are simple, you play as High-End piece of Cyborg which is in it’s testing phase. Your main objective is to locate and destroy as many targets as you can, after which you need to find the mainframe in order to sign in your results and finish the course. On your way through the course you’ll find Time Reduction targets as well as Slow Motion spheres. These can aid you in demonstrating “Demo’s” capabilities.

About Me
My name is Tomasz Figas, and I’m an aspiring games designer currently living and working in UK, Midlands. I do not have to mention I’m gamer myself… I’ve started studying games design around 7 months ago. Throughout those 7 months I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can with my limited spare time, designing stuff at the same time with the hopes of getting in to the game dev industry in the near future. Now, every single “game job” advert says you need to have at least one shipped title and few years of experience in order to actually be considered for the job. Well, for a guy like me, with dead-end job I assume it ain’t gonna happen. Then I came up with an idea that, since UE4 went free and there are a lot of cheap assets to get me started why not develop working prototype on my own. So, two months, billion coffees, and lots of “Bit#$%ng” from my fiancee later here it is, The Demo Project.

About the Project
Now, since I was planning to do it all by myself (and with the help of community and YT), I had to look before I leap, thus it might not be another Destiny. Either way, I’m pretty happy with the end result. I’ll keep playing with Demo Project. Optimize it a bit, add new maps, tweak the mechanics and design new ones. I’m pretty ambitious, so things like VR implementation, Tobi Eye Tracking, Multiplayer are roaming my mind at the moment. Practice makes perfect, let’s see where I can get in the next two months !

I’m sending out Demo Project .exe file upon request. Just drop me an email at

PC Specs
OS - Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit (6.3, Build 9600)
CPU - Intel(R) Core™ i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.6GHz
Operating Memory - 16 GB DDR3 RAM
GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660

In this video Demo Project is packaged and running on standalone win x86 .exe at ~30 frames per second.

Update 6/12/2015

Second video showcasing Demo Project, Sci-Fi FPS with platforming elements. Done entirely with Blueprints, powerful visual scripting tool in Unreal Engine 4. Project is being developed by just one person at the moment.

Added few things compared to last video:

  • Optimized Post Processing and overall textures/particles parameters. Demo now runs at constant 60 frames (my PC spec at the bottom of description)
  • Added “Gliding Mechanic” - player now can glide by pressing and holding Space Bar
  • Added bullet trace particles with sound effects (you can hear them clearly during slow motion)
  • Added “Quality Game Settings” by Henrik Goldsack
  • Tuned and redesigned some animations
  • Changed player model to female type (have a look in main menu), as well as character’s and weapon textures/materials

Download link for Demo Project Standalone .exe file (.rar archive ~1GB):

Great Job, Tomasz !

For 7 month of studiyng - it is a very good result. I hope that you will improve your skills as a game disigner. But, I also want to give you advice: I read that you used an Eye Tracker, and I need to say that there is some rules and tips about how to use Eye Tracker . I think it will be usefull for your work.

Good Luck to you! And dont stop improve your skills!)

Kind of reminds me of Mirror’s Edge with all the falling. Looks cool!

@4 mins … +1 Thumbs up!

wat did i just watch XD the voice effects are like so funny :,D
The rest is quiet nice, tho i dint realy see the point of the huge weapon O.o

Small update, please refer to first post. Enjoy ! ^^;

This looks pretty cool, nice work! =)

It’s a simple but stylish game. I really like what you’ve done here. It really flashy but in a great way. If you had a threat to face such as drones or something that could knock you off into the pit, that would be cool.

Keep it up! I’m watching this thread!

Very Nice Indeed. Any plans for multi-player?

Thank you all for such kind feedback I really appreciate it.

Obstacles in form of npcs are planned as well as some kind of multiplayer, though I haven’t gave much thought to this.

6/12/2015 Added few screenshots from second video gameplay.

Added new video. Please refer to the first post.

Um Can you Reupload ? Thanks :smiley: