Demo Reel - UE4 - Environment

Hi everyone!

I just finished my first personal demo reel made using Unreal Engine 4, Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop.

I’d love critique or general feedback.

Welcom , It’s heavy , First message , one demo reel , you rocks ! beautiful …

Oh my… That’s phenomenal! Great work.

Wow near filmic experience! Artworks coming to life :o

Fantastic work ! I will be anxiously awaiting your next project. Keep up the great work!

Wow! Simply amazing texturing work, very nice!



Brilliant, great sounds too. Makes me wanna jump right in an play.

Pretty **** good.

My only suggestion is you slow down your large steam elements in the bigger scenes - the way they move too fast makes the whole thing feel tiny, and ruins any sense of scale you’re trying to portray.

Very nice, these scenes are very well done. =)

Amazing. Great atmospheric work!

Those look really nice. Good job.

Superb work! Look forward to seeing more from you, there’s something nice and unique about it!

that pig need subsurface scattering material dude.

any advice on how you did the indoor lighting and set up the materials would be awesome. I see many scenes that look great in the engine that use outdoor lighting, but nothing like this that’s just indoor lit, amazing.

Last 2 screenshots - gorgeous as hell o

Excellent Reel, Congrats :smiley:

I’m new to game dev and 3d modeling and stuff, but I can defiantly tell you that it looks beyond amazing!

Wow, first demoreel here, and that quality! Impressive.