Demo recorded on standalone/listen host seemingly has no authority

Maybe there’s a setting I’m missing somewhere, but I launch a local game as a listen host, don’t connect anything to it, record the demo, and then when I play it back, things that would normally happen on the authority never happen. I put a break point in the movement component for example, in TickComponent, and then the sections that would be hit for anything other than a simulated proxy are never hit.

So after more looking, it makes sense that there is no authority. The actual problem I’m having is that if I’m running a listen host server, server RPCs don’t get recorded into the demo, and thus never get called when playing the demo.

I’ll answer my own question. In demo recordings there is never an authority, it just replays what a simulated client would have received. When playing in editor and recording with a PIE session acting as a listen host, it seemingly doesn’t record NetMulticast RPCs, but when playing in Standalone or in a packaged build, it does, so this is only an issue when replaying demos recorded during a PIE session.

This is with engine version 4.19 updated from the Github release branch a few days before the time of this post.