Demo Pawn Animations

Did someone ever make animations for the default demo pawn in third person? Like running with a weapon. Holding a weapon and so on? Would be awesome for testing things :slight_smile:

I think, but I’m not even sure, that the guy with robes and the FPS shooter template use the same rig. If not, just a really similar one. You could try it out! I’m interested in hearing about it

I will try it tomorrow :slight_smile:

I used animation blending to combine the aiming animation of the guy in robes with the blue guy when the engine was first released.

Took me a couple hours but got it working no problem. I was able to use the left thumb stick to move around and right thumbstick to aim (it was a side scroller).

Could you show me how ? Never did that :slight_smile:

He probably just borrowed the anim from the robe guy and did the aim thingy:

Mh … The bad thing is when I use the anim from the robe guy I will loose my climbing animation and so on … Won’t i?

No? You will just add an animation to your project and then you can use it with all the others.