Delta Time / Realtime LOG

I use blueprints, however I have a question. Sometimes the Server “hangs” (dedicated, multiplayer). I double, triple checked the Event Ticks but I just have minimal stuff in there… anyways, when the server hangs it just stops working (task manager even shows the server.exe as 0% cpu usage), when I press any key on the console (server.exe, where the log shows) it starts “working” again and this appears… among other messages

I instantly receive this (which changes depending on how much time passed after I pressed the key)
[2016.12.04-23.02.20:752][570]LogNet: UNetDriver::TickDispatch: Very long time between ticks. DeltaTime: 66.30, Realtime: 66.30. IpNetDriver_0

What could this mean? I tried researching the UNetDriver::TickDispatch, but modifying the source shouldnt be good (since it should work just fine). I checked DeltaTime is the time it took to update from last update (usually 0.0005~?) but yeah, this happens


bump… still wondering what could cause this… any Developer, Epic Staff, experienced user with UE4…?

Have you noticed any specific reason that the Server hangs?

Make sure that your not clicking inside the Console Window, doing this in Windows10 cmd causes it to pause.

I’m getting this issue as well on PIE Multiplayer. Appreciate some reseponse on it

I’m waiting for an answer as well…

Did you find a solution ? Does the driver work ?