Delta Rotation, is this changing the values i feed in?

Im trying to rotate 12 meshes within a blueprint together, rather than do them all separately i want to use one “add relative rotation” node to control all 12

Ive set it up and set some variables with appropriate start and end values, but when playing in game and pushing the button the meshes freak out and spin wildly out of control for the length of my timer and then stop in a random position

On the add relative rotation node the rotation value states “Delta Rotation” and i know Delta is a maths term, is this node performing some kind of calcuation that is messing with the values that im adding to make it spin wildly?

in the editor ive worked it out that i need to rotate the yaw by 47.5 units to get a good result, but when i use just a value of 2 in the delta rotation boxes for yaw that goes OVER what 47.5 would be, so im sure its delta doing this but im unsure how its coded

I guess this is done in a tick event? If so remember that this is called once per frame. So at 60fps this will get called 60 times in 1 second. What you’ll want to do is multiply the tick delta by your other value. Multiplying the tick delta by 2 will mean that it will spin 2 degrees per second.