Dell T7500 ( X5670 ) 2x processors

Hello I am off to buy X5670 x2 in Dell T7500.
I am just new in Unreal engine 4 game development.
can any one tell me what advantages it will give me over i7 3rd gen?

Are you getting that with a Nvidia Quadro?

To be honest, not much when it comes to game development. It looks like that system uses a Nvidia Quadro card as well, which is great for advanced 3d simulation software, but will actually run slower for game development compared to the latest Nvidia 7xx & 9xx series cards.

For game development you will want to get a high end gaming PC, for example a i7 4770k/4970k, gtx 970/980, 24gb ram will get you better performance that the system listed above, and will cost less at the same time.

Not saying that PC won’t work, it just isn’t as optimized for game development. :slight_smile:

I cant use that much money

This PC for rendering as well…
and i will get Nvidia 900series card with that system…

i am getting used 600$ system for 12GB ecc memory and T7500… x5670s x2
i cant use more money for system with 4th gen system here… in pakistan the only processor will be 400$ ateast

Oh that’s not so bad, the website I used to look up the PC said $2500, I was basing my cost estimate off of that instead of the actual price. :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t have any problems with that setup, especially if you add in a 900 series video card.

here in pakistan prices for server pcs are nerfed :smiley:

so dual x5670 vs i7 3rd gen i should prefer those 2 beasts?

i am going to buy the system tomorrow then

I would say so, they are slightly older (manufacture date) than say a i7 3770, and have a lower clock speed, but 2 of them should well exceed a single i7.

If you want to compare the two, here is the spec sheets:

i7 3770 - Intel Core i73770 Processor 8M Cache up to 3.90 GHz Product Specifications
X5670 - Intel Xeon Processor X5670 12M Cache 2.93 GHz 6.40 GTs Intel QPI Product Specifications

A single Xeon also has more cores than a single i7, not all programs will use all of the cores currently, but will in the future.

So Unreal engine 4 and maya are not going to use those 2 processors properly?
yes but whole system for that 3rd gen 3770 processor gonna cost me around 650$ and this system is costing me 600$…

Also I want this future proof product… for about 2 years

You are already getting an obsolete CPU so you can’t really future proof that nor the motherboard or RAM.

Having said that, two of those XEONs (12 cores/24 threads) will give you pretty cool speeds with ShaderCompileWorker (which compiles shaders in UE4) and no i7 could beat that.

Also for code compiling, making builds often or just compiling in general, will greatly benefit from dual CPU multi-core setup.

I did not look at the T7500 spec but general bottlenecks will probably be RAM, GFX and HDD so those might be areas you want to look into.

RAM is something permanent since once you get it, you won’t be changing it. And you are probably getting whatever configuration comes with it anyway. Generally the more the better, I’d say 16GB min.

GFX I suppose you could go with GTX 980, although T7500 probably does not have PCIe gen.3 so GTX’s performance might not be greatest, but far from bad either. That could be your future proofing area.

HDD is really up to you - if you hate waiting, SSD all the way, but beware compiling all the time will wear it down faster (first hand experience here :slight_smile: ).

THANKS, Ram i am getting is 12 GB ECC , currently … I will get more as soon as possbile,
GFX i am trying to get gtx 900 series… otherwise it will be radeon r9 290
and HDD is really problem. I will look into that soon
otherwise thanks for your help. I am going to get that beast now

going to get gtx 970…