Download survey legit?

Received a survey email from asking:

How likely are you to recommend Unreal Engine 4 to a friend or colleague?

Just checking to see if it is legit since I don’t see any mention of it here in the forums.

I’m not sure you have anything to worry about, I checked their website and it looks clean, I’m sure it is the service that Epic Games uses for surveying.

the last survey email was sent from and they used so I am not sure about that, I am going to pass the on to someone who knows and post back.

Is legit! Something that we have regularly sent out. :slight_smile: thanks for checking!

well then, no need to pass it on:)

I haven’t received such a mail, but my answer would be that I already have recommended UE4 to many friends and a lot on websites like youtube comments etc :wink: It’s simply the best Engine to use for most games. But I have also told my friends how buggy UE4 is :rolleyes:

How do we prevent these from being sent to our email accounts?

I already switched off “surveys” in the options for my Epic account, but still got this one.