Download survey legit?

Received a survey email from asking:

How likely are you to recommend Unreal Engine 4 to a friend or colleague?

Just checking to see if it is legit since I don’t see any mention of it here in the forums.

I’m not sure you have anything to worry about, I checked their website and it looks clean, I’m sure it is the service that Epic Games uses for surveying.

the last survey email was sent from and they used so I am not sure about that, I am going to pass the on to someone who knows and post back.

Is legit! Something that we have regularly sent out. :slight_smile: thanks for checking!

well then, no need to pass it on:)

I haven’t received such a mail, but my answer would be that I already have recommended UE4 to many friends and a lot on websites like youtube comments etc :wink: It’s simply the best Engine to use for most games. But I have also told my friends how buggy UE4 is :rolleyes:

I just received this same email. I did a google search and found this thread. I absolutely love UE4 and have strongly recommended it to friends, and will in the future, but I’m not going to respond to an unsolicited email asking me that. You may want to consider removing this survey as it may be considered as a form of spam.