Deleting Subobject From Actor Using Scripted Actions

I’m attempting to utilize an editor utility blueprint to batch add and remove components from actors in a level using scripted actions and the subobject data subsystem (Subobject Data Subsystem | Unreal Engine Documentation). I’ve been able to get it so that components can be added to selected actors, but I’m having trouble removing components. Is anyone familiar with the proper way to do this using scripted events?

If anyone is stuck like me I figured it out
I just iterate over the object and cast to the type of component I’m looking for to delete it

Did you find any solution? Like you I managed to add the components from the script but I cannot figure how to remove them from the script .

I delete components in the following way:

However, you will not be able to delete components in an instance if they were defined in a class. I’m checking this with CanReparent because it seems CanDelete is broken.

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