Deleting spline point doesn't cause construction script to fire

In a nutshell; I have a BP that contains a spline. I’m using the number of spline points to create data in an array, so four points on the spline, four elements in the array.

If I add a new spline point, the construction script is called, my array gets updated, and this is shown in the editor.


If I delete a spline point, the construction script doesn’t get called.

If you take a look at this video;

You can see that he is adding and deleting spline points, and the construction script is being called for both events. Somewhere along the lines UE4 has changed, so the construction script is no longer called on spline point deletion.

Is this a bug, just seems strange to me that the construction script is called when a new spline point is added, but not when a point is deleted.