Deleting Skeletal mesh bones in editor

Is it possible to delete Skeletal Mesh bones in editor? I’ve recently purchased a character from the market place. It has 83 bones in total. As I develop a mobile game I need to get rid 8 bones.

I exported it out and delete the bones manually but upon imorting the fbx it wont show as skeletal mesh and only take the animation data.

In the editor I tried to select the bones and remove the bone from LOD 0. But that virtually does nothing.

In what way can I delete these excesive bones? It’s crucial for me because mobile doesn’t accept mesh more than 75 bones

You cannot delete / modify bones inside Unreal Engine 4.

I would suggest you to export it to 3D software , modify It and Import It back to UE4.
But keep in mind the animations that come with that character won’t work… so you will need to retarget animations.