Deleting several widgets....

Having a problem with removing widgets. I have a ‘join server’ page, into which I spawn buttons with server info for all foud by a ‘find sessions’… as an example:

The create MM_Join_Entry_C Widget is working off a for each from the find sessions. So it creates the new widget and additionally adds it to a ‘found_sessions_widgets’ array so I can use it to delete all those widgets later.

So when I hit the refresh button it should first:

So it should clear all children that are ‘buttonserverbutton’. But it does not. I have also tried to use the ‘foundsessionswidgets’ with a foreachloop where it does a remove from parent for each element in the array…


then once completed wipes the array clean. Also does not work. (yes, the foreach exec was connected, just recreated what I did to screenshot it)

As an example, will run 2 servers, then a client. The two servers show up in the list. I close one server and hit refresh. That server goes away, but I now see two of the other server because it did not delete one of the widgets… (you see one button disappear when you hit refresh, the other stays)…

So I am kinda confused. It seems iterating through or calling a function that is supposed to clear all, would work. What am I missing?


PS: yes, I did a ‘package’ to make .exe’s and ran from there to test. Did not do this from the editor.

Have you tried Clear Children on the Scroll Box Servers widget? It looks like this is the widget you are adding all of your rows to. This is what I do when I repopulate my session list. Just Clear Children on my scroll box and re-add them.

Oh yeah, I am using mmjoinentry instead of mmjoin … will try that. But I reconnected the second method in 4.7 and it seems to work. Strange.

Yeah clear children simply does not work for me for some reason. Will just use the foreachloop.

Nope, now it’s not working again. ARGH.