Deleting original models (fbx, obj) from project - is it safe?

I was wondering if it’s safe to delete the original fbx and obj files from my project as everything has a duplicate after saving with a .uasset extension. I’ve tried it and despite a warning when opening a copy of the project that i tried it on it looks like it opened with every model in it, after saving it and closing/opening it again no more warning and everything worked fine.

Is it going to cause trouble later maybe if the models get deleted or its safe to delete them from the project folders (if they already have a .uasset version)?

It’s safe to delete afaik.

I keep the fbx in the cloud, some of them never even seen the project folder or my SSD… If you delete the source file, you can’t re-import it but you can point the uasset to another file / another location with source files.

so technically it is safe to delete I guess - if you don’t want to reimport it. Good to know thanks

Are you guys willing and able to give a short description of how to do this? I’m running out of room on my C: and D: drives and would like to transfer the OBJ and FBX files to my OneDrive (cloud) or at the very least to my F: drive. Currently I have my “Downloads” folder in my C: drive and i’ve copied everything from that to a separate folder in my F: drive. I’d like to delete the downloads from my “Downloads” folder and then move all my FBX files to my OneDrive (cloud) storage. But I’m wary of touching any of it because I don’t want errors in a project i’ve put in 200 plus hours. Your help would be greatly appreciated :clap: