Deleting folders in 4.14.1 only works sometimes

4.14.1 Mac OsX:

I successfully deleted 3 empty folders from my project through content browser, after that, no other folders could be deleted.

Old, low priority problem.

Temp Fix: After delete, use Fix up redirectors on that folder, then navigate to the Explorer file view and manually remove folder.

Well the reason i posted is 4.14.1 mentions that this bug has been fixed, and it hasn’t

Hi RexVex86,

This has been fixed for Windows systems but not yet for Macs. You can track the status of the bug here: UE-39678

Thanks for the feedback,


Not fixed for Windows either, I just had this bug. :slight_smile:

Spam create folders on accident while having the the wrong directory selected that you want to create the sub folders in, and then try to delete them.

To FIX: Move them to the main Top Node, then delete each folder in reverse order created, , save all, close editor and restart the editor opening your map. ((do this for each folder until they do not appear on level load.)) I had one folder keep coming back a few times it was the last in the chain.

They would come back like scary ghosts over and over until I used this method. :slight_smile:

Happy new year!

UPDATE: I have a folder that will not go away, I even renamed it goaway*****, and it will not go away even using my method above. This is in Windows 7 64. You can try my steps on Mac, might work.

I am streaming so I got it on stream for you and made a clip.

Hi Vexar,

The issue you demonstrate in the linked video is not the issue reported here… The issue on this post is that deleting folders from the Content Browser results in no other folders being able to be deleted.

The folder you are attempting to delete is in the World Outliner. However, I was not able to reproduce this bug by creating an empty folder, Saving all, opening a different level and then returning to the level where I created the empty folder. Instead, if the folder is empty, it is deleted upon reopening the level despite saving the level several times.

Since we are trying to keep it one issue per post, please start a new bug report describing the behavior you are experiencing and include detailed, step by step instructions for creating the folder that you are having difficulty deleting.



Will do I still cant get rid of it.

Thanks for making a new post on the following link: World Outliner - Folder will not delete 4.14

RexVex86, I posted this workaround in a related thread. Perhaps you will find it of use:

This workaround works for me for deleting anything for reals from Unreal Engine.

  • Right-click the parent folder of what you want to delete in the Content Browser and select Fix Up Redirectors in Folder
  • Delete the folder (or other item you want to delete) in the Content Browser (repeat if necessary until it disappears from the Content Browser)
  • Right-click the parent folder in the Content Browser and select Fix Up Redirectors in Folder (again)
  • Quit Unreal Engine
  • Actually delete the folder (or other item you want to delete) from the filesystem manually (It will be under YourProject > Contents > …)
  • Start up Unreal Engine

Ta da! Completely intuitive. Only took me 14 months to nail down how to properly delete things and have them stay deleted.

Note that if you delete an entire tree structure there will often be .uasset files left behind. As long as you have done the “fixing up of redirectors” step, they will be safe to delete manually. If you don’t do that step, then all bets are off.