Deleting curves from animation deletes the curve but animation remains

Hello, am trying to delete animation curves with a python batch script and in my testing i do can remove the curve but even without the curve the animation is kept and working. If i manually create a new curve in that morph then the animation is deleted. Even changes to the additive atribute will delete the animation once the curve is gone.

Here is the test script:

import unreal

editor_util = unreal.EditorUtilityLibrary()
editor_anim = unreal.AnimationLibrary()

selected_assets = editor_util.get_selected_assets()

animation = selected_assets[0]
curveType = unreal.RawCurveTrackTypes.RCT_FLOAT
unreal.log(editor_anim.get_animation_curve_names(animation, curveType))
curveToDelete = editor_anim.get_animation_curve_names(animation, curveType)[0]

editor_anim.remove_curve(animation, curveToDelete, remove_name_from_skeleton=False)

Any help on this subject is apreciated.