Deleting Collision Presets Breaks PhAt :D


As I was working on a personnal project, I’ve decided to make my own collision presets and I’ve deleted all default presets. What happened is that ragdoll simulation in PhAt broke.

You can reproduce this by deleting the “PhysicActor” preset, then open the Physical Asset Editor and click simulate, your ragdoll should have no collision and fall through the floor.

Right know I’ve only kept the Physic Actor preset and everything works fine, but maybe something else is broken somewhere I’ve not looked yet ^^. It would be nice to be able to get rid of those presets, at least we should be able to hide them without having unreal freaking out :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for looking into this, hope it will be fixed soon. See ya! <3

Hi Sly,

This is expected behavior. Some systems inside of the editor depend on these collision presets; including the PhAT editor. Note that we provide a warning under the preset section that deleting an existing (used) collision profiles may cause issues.


Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

I think the warning could be a bit clearer on the fact that it is used by the engine. As I understood it I thought I should be careful not to break the collision of my own assets and that I did not care.
Plus it would be nice to be able to hide some of those presets from the list of possible choices in the drop down menu of a detail panel.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your time, I’ve put back all the presets. Do you think deleting then putting back every presets may have hurt my project ?

Keep the good work!

If they are named exactly the same and have the same settings as the original preset, the references should be picked back up.One test you could do just to make certain is in a new project > remove the Physics Actor preset > make sure it’s broken in PhAT > save everything > add the preset back > then test PhAT again.

After that, you may want to test some key areas in your project like the PhAT editor, physics simulations during play, and player capsule interactions. Any other areas of the engine that your project relies on heavily should also be tested just in case.