Deleting all assets causes crash.

Tested on 4.7 and on 4.8.

I just made a blank project (First Person template) and deleted all the assets since i don’t need them. And the editor just crashed.

Call stack: (4.7)

Hello, Azarus

Please note that the FPS template project isn’t entirely blank and uses some assets. For example, it uses one for crosshair:

static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder<UTexture2D> CrosshiarTexObj(TEXT("/Game/FirstPerson/Textures/FirstPersonCrosshair"));

Thus, you shouldn’t delete them.

Hoep this helped!

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Sorry i meant the Blueprint template and the First Person one.

Right click and delete:


So what can i do, if i can’t delete assets from the content browser?

Please note that for the Blueprint template situation is pretty much the same:

As you can see, there are some cautions, because some of the assets are being used.
Thus, to delete them properly you need to make sure that there are no references left.

The editor is crashing when i click that red button…