Deleted Vault Assets still appearing?

So I have deleted some assets that I have downloaded from Marketplace, yet they still appear in the Vault in the Launcher, but the the little arrow is grayed-out since they’re not on the hard drive, anyway to remove their presence completely?

I believe they are permanently assigned to your account vault. The vault is a library of things you purchased (free or paid) from the marketplace which means they belong to your account and isn’t something you can just remove.

thanks mate

Hi New Dev,

Jakey113G is correct :slight_smile:

The vault now represents a complete list of assets you own. If you go offline it will only show you the assets that are actually on your machine. If you are online it will detect the assets you own from the server an populate the list. This was done in response to feedback that digging through the marketplace to find what you have purchased can be a time consuming process.

If you exceed 1000 you cannot access them, download, or delete old to make room.
I must have 1000-2000 assets paid under one account, that I pre purchased for a project.
Not really getting support on this… 3 Weeks.
Point being, just watch out for the cap. It would be good to be able to delete.