Deleted objects keep respawning

I’m struggling with deleted objects, or geometries, that keep respawning in the scene even after “saving all”.This is not 5.03 issue as I always had it. Even simple cube, created and then deleted in Unreal will respawn when I restart the engine. Any idea ?
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Typical example : The bushes, in the middle of the props and on both sides of the house, have been deleted yesterday. There have been multiple saves after and despite that, here they are again today.

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Three guesses at what this might be:
1)You might learn something about this by looking at the actual files on your computer this could be an issue with them not getting properly deleted the file level.
2)Are you using source control - issues with that could cause this
3) Is the thing that won’t go away actually part of a blueprint so restored to the scene when the blueprint constructs