Deleted custom event restricts to use the same name for variables / functions

If you create a new Custom Event and then delete it you can’t use the same name in variables/functions etc.
Reproduced in a blank project, Engine Version 4.7

Steps to reproduce this bug:

  • Create a new custom event
  • Set any name to this event
  • Delete this custom event
  • Try to create a variable or a function with the same name…

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I was able to reproduce this on my end. However, the bug appears to have been fixed as of 4.8 preview 1.

The problem is still exist in 4.8. Functions are working now. But variables and all the other stuff still don’t work.

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I haven’t been able to reproduce this on my end. Do you have any specific steps I can follow to cause this to occur?

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create an Event
  • Delete the Event
  • Try to create a function or a variable with the same name. (It fails.)

Here is the video what i am doing:


Length: 1:40

Hi ,

Have you updated to 4.8.0 or are you on a preview build? I’ve attempted this on my end following along with the video however when I rename either functions or variables after creating and deleting a custom event it seems to work as intended. I’ve also tried compiling between steps to see if that caused the error, however it did not seem to make a difference.

I am on the latest version (4.8)

I noticed that the problem can be somewhat solved by adding a new custom event and giving it a different name, then deleting it. (It unlocks the name, but locks the new one, so it’s not a permanent solution.)

I made an another video to show what i am exactly doing:

I get “test is in use by another variable or function!”

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While I could not reproduce it myself, this is clearly occurring in your videos. I have attached the second video you posted along with the information here to a bug report, UE-17225, to be assessed by the development staff.

Thank you !

Same Issue

Still present in ue5

You have to search for it within the side panel and delete it there then it will allow you to create a new event with the same name. In the image, you will search for the name and then right-click and delete it from the menu. Hope this helps

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Thank you so much. I had no idea I had the same event hidden somewhere random in my bp, unused. This helped me.