"Delete Unused Variables" do not consider local variables

When ever I have a blueprint that I’ve extensively reorganized, I use the “Delete unused variables” button. But to my horror, all 24+ unused local variables in the currently open function are not deleted. Multiply this by a few functions and you can quickly see this becoming tedious.

If for whatever reason this is intentional, please just add a separate “Delete unused local variables in current window” button.

Hello EvoPulse,

I see your issue - looks like it’s been classified as a bug and has a JIRA ticket for it.

I’ve commented on the JIRA ticket linking to your report - This may help it gain a bit more traction. (I realize the ticket is old!)

Thank you for your report,

Thank you, I apologise for not having researched FR exsisting reports. Can we also get that bug report updated to 4.18 (and assuming all the versions in between.