Delete time in Matinee?

There’s an edit option in Matinee to insert space at the current position. Is there any way to delete space?


Just hold and drag the orange arrow. Insert space moves it to the time you set so you can do the same by just dragging the arrow wherever you please.


Moving the orange arrow just changes the total time of the Matinee sequence, correct? With insert space, I can move the time cursor to somewhere in the middle of the total time and insert time that would move all of the keyframes after the cursor over the specified amount. I was hoping there was a way to do the reverse and remove time from somewhere in the middle without having to go select all of the keys in all of the tracks and move them backwards manually?

Oh, i see. In that case set the section you want to remove by dragging the green arrows and then Edit > Delete Section. This should work i think?

Yep, perfect. Cheers!