Delete procedural mesh slice?


I’ve been trying to set up procedural mesh slicing and have got it working. However, after a certain amount of time I want to destroy the slices created by the ‘slice procedural mesh’ node. I assumed this would be as simple as calling the ‘destroy component’ node however this seems to do nothing.

Does anyone know how or if it’s possible to delete the created slices? Not being able to delete them feels like a huge oversight?

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Okay, I found a solution to my problem. I’ll explain my mistake and solution in case anyone in the future has a similar problem.

I was basically slicing the mesh from my sword blueprint. Whenever the velocity of the sword went above a variable freshold and overlapped a procedural mesh component, I would get a reference to that procedural mesh component and call the ‘Slice Procedural Mesh’ node using that reference. For whatever reason this wouldn’t allow me delete the slices created. My guess is that the slice created became a child of the procedural mesh component which was located in another blueprint, This meant for whatever reason that I couldn’t properly access that component even though the node returns a reference to it.

My fix was to call the ‘Slice Procedural Mesh’ node from within the same blueprint as the procedural mesh component. Which was as simple as creating and calling an event created in that blueprint. This allowed the slices to be deleted when the destroy actor node was called.


Thanks for following up!