Delete PlayerCameraManager

Hi guys,

I created my own camera under the SunTemple demo scene and I want to control it myself.

Nevertheless, my CameraActor gets overiden at runtime by the PlayerCameraManager which seems to create his wn CameraActor.

I mean both PlayerCameraManager and CameraActor automaticaly get created atruntime.

How can Iget rid f this behaviour after the game is created ?

I know it has to do with type of game (first person,third person and so on).

If I start with a blank project I do not experience this problem.

I think it has to be changed into the Project settings, but everything seems to be default there and I do not know what to change for what.

 Thanks and regards,

At begin play, get your Player Controller and from it get a “Set view target with blend” in which you should plug your custom camera.

Hi IMC.Wander and thanks for your reply,

I tried that and it does not work.

Camera control is still under the mouse and keyboard.

I also tried connecting it to EventTick instead of EventBeginPlay to make sure we keep using my camera frame after frame, but no success !

It seems to me more thatI need to get rid of this PlayerController included in the game template. But I do not know how to do it.

I seems ore like something remove rather than something to add.

It should work.

In either case, you need a player controller - it handles all player input.
No player input, no movement :expressionless: