Delete old Pawn/Change back to old pawn

Hey guys,

i created a blueprint where i can change my charakter (from normal charakter to crow)
but when i change the pawn it spawns one but doesn’t deletes the old pawn or changes back to it

how can i change back to my old character or delete the other character?
i hope someone got an idea



Destroying the old character is easily done via “Destroy Actor”. Remember that after this the actor will be destroyed and any logic added after that node will be ignored.

If you want to possess the old pawn you will have to save a reference in your controller. Then you can just do the “possess” again with the reference.

I hope this helps.


thanks Erasio i’ll try it out

did u solved it?
were u able to destroy and restore old character?

@Muzaheed didn’t tried out until yet i didn’t had the time

I am still trying to figure out how to do this. My old player mesh still is there.