Delete no longer used workshop files?

Can someone let me know how I go about cleaning up the old files that are no longer in use that are uploaded to my workshop mod?

It doesn’t cause any issues with my mod since the no longer used files are just that, no longer used, but it messes with my OCD. I have attempted cleaning up my cookedmods folder (inside mod tools), re-cooked, and uploaded but the old files still are downloaded from steam workshop. Currently my mod should be 81 files, but workshop has 107. Obviously I could move to a new modID, but I was more interested in just forcing a wipe of what is uploaded to steam workshop. Thanks!

From what I was told by Boris this is an issue on steam’s end of things, which more than likely means not going to get fixed any time soon :confused:

Could be wrong, and I hope I’m wrong, because it actually can cause issues potentially, and I think did for me today (long story).

The issue is also on the DevKit because:

  1. old files in your Projects/ShooterGame/Content/Mods are also not being deleted.
  2. unnecessary files in memory will save (like you copy Rex_Character_BP over to your mod file and rename it… the Rex_Character_BP file stays in memory and saves unless you deselect it from saving)
  3. old files in ModTools\Output\ are also not deleted

and yes… Steam is also not deleting old files.

It’s a 3-way mess in that way… only cure is to manually delete files from both DevKit locations… and from your client Mods folder.

Regarding the UE4 editor, as long as you save the file before you move it out of a folder (when it is duplicated to sub classed) it will actually move the file like it should (or at least I have not seen any lost files anymore after I started doing this). Easy way to clean it up is just to search for “_Child” and “2” and with some investigation you can find any duplicates you left around.


1 & 2 are just normal UE4 behavior, nothing to do with the Dev Kit actually. I’ve noticed the same thing happens in 4.8.3. Not ideal, but it’s the way UE4 works.