Delete maps and building options


2 questions, hopefully simple enough:

  1. How can I “delete” maps from a project?

  2. When I build/cook/export (still don’t know the exact term for when you distribute the game into a standalone), how to choose which one is the first map? Tried changing the initial map in the project settings, but that apparently doesn’t change the build


  1. just go to your content folder and then delete it ^^

want to delete it from the list, don’t want to delete the actual map (may use it later)

Hey Insane Goblin -

For the default start map, if you go under Edit >> Project Settings >> Game >> Maps & Modes you will find a place to set your Game Default Map and Editor Startup Map. You can move the .umap files from your content folder and they will not appear in your content list anymore and you will not have to delete them.

Hi Eric, thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately I already tried that, and when building the standalone, it still loads the old setting. Also tried clicking the “Set as Default” button, just in case, with no avail. Oh, and built to a different folder in case it wasn’t overwriting files properly.