Delete map data?

Hi, you know in 4.14 version unreal creates map build data files and keep the maps data in it. But after building creates multiple map data with same name. Take a look to the image below. You can see the map name is 1 and unreal created 4 map data files with the name of “1_BuildData”. Lets say i have 50 maps and unreal created multiple map data files for each map. The content browser will become complex. Can i delete all map data files and build again? Thank for advance.

Edit: And guess what i have done. Deleted all MAP DATA files and i tought build the game again can fix that. But when i have deleted files unreal crashed. Restarted again and my all maps has deleted :frowning:

Can anyone answer this?

I like to know the answer to OP’s question as well.

In addition, I also like to know if I use static lighting and then switch to dynamic lighting, can I safely delete the build data?

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IIRC you can go to world settings>lightmass settings then enable “Force No Precomputed Lighting”, and then build light again to get rid of any old lightmaps.

I never encounter the kind of problem OP has, but I usually right click the content folder and hit “Fixup Redirector in Folder”, and that solves a lot of my problems.