Delete images?

How in the hell do I delete images from a project? So far I haven’t been able to find out. Every time I accidentally add a wrong images or want to try the same project with different images added, I have to start all over again or create a new project. Very inefficient workflow. The control in this program seems to be very limited in comparison to Agisoft.
So far very disappointed with the results.

Hi Rennie.

rAmen! :wink:

You can’t just delete images from project, because of indexes.
But you can select wrong images, revert selection and export as registration/component, open new project and Import component from Workflow tab.

There are so many services with similar limitations, when it just unpossible delete entrie from database, because this will remove indexes and will required complete reconstruction of all DB.

Hi Vladlen,

what do you mean because of indexes?
If one or several images are not part of a component, why should it not be possible to remove them?
I find that quite an inconvenience.
Exporting a component is NOT the same thing.
For one, it is more complicated and for another when importing it into a new project you need to keep the component if you do not re-align everything in the new project. So you have twice the storage space filled.

I agree that a delete image function is required.

It would be great to see more image based tools actually, for example an image quality tool would be very handy for quickly omitting poor quality images in large data sets.

It’s a pretty inefficient workflow. I need to remove images from my projects somehow.

Many people agree with you! :slight_smile:

So far the only way I know of is to export a registration (Alignment - Export - Registration) with only the images selected that you want to keep. Then open a new project and import it as a component (Workflow - Import - Component). The new component will be marked by a star, which means that it is only a placeholder and the transfer file is still required. If you run another alignment, then the component will become “native”.
Pretty awquard, but better than nothing…

I second this! It’s amazing to me that it wouldn’t have an option to simply remove an image :|