Delete a text box

Good morning all,

Could you tell me how to return to the “hint text” value of a text box after use, in order to enter a new value?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

You need to have the reference to the text and then use set hint Set Hint Text | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank you very much, could you give me an example of use, please?

in a widget add or select a textbox,
go in upper part of detail and check “is a variable” UMG- Getting Reference to text object - UE4 AnswerHub
now go in the graph
In the variable list on the left, you now should see the Text
grab it and drag it on the graph
use the set hint node

Thank you for this clarification, however I am afraid I was not clear enough in my request.
My problem is not with writing in a text box, but erasing the text that is left inside. For example when I enter a value using the text box it stays on display until I close the dialog box.
What I want is for the text I type to erase after pressing the “Enter” key.

maybe you can “clear” text variables?
i often clear arrays, try typing “clear”, or just type inside the var nothing " "

No, nothing helps the number to enter remains in that place. The only way to erase it is to make “Del”.
It may not be planned to do later ?!

Thank you for your time.
If another idea comes to you do not hesitate.

God bless you

Hi man,
here the button start with the Hint, once selected you can write in the textbox, when pressing enter “call on committed” i save the text away, and set the textbox and the hint to nothing

Hi guy,
I took your advice and simplified it.

set text  final.png](filedata/fetch?id=1822486&d=1602766029)

It works very well.

God bless you and yours
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