Delerium is an emotional adventure set in the next 100 years where humanity has branched out further and further into the solar system to quench our insatiable desire for knowledge, resources and discovery, well, most have. In Delerium you play the part of a mentally broken radio operator stranded above the rings of Saturn with only an equally broken artificial intelligence to keep you company. The Arca Magnus is the ship in which you are stranded on, all of the crew bar the player are missing, the AI has no knowledge of where they have gone and the engines are utterly ruined. There is no clear direction in the game, no objectives, waypoints, or similar features, the player is forced to read terminal entries, fix advanced systems with only a torn manual to reference all while dealing with crippling loneliness and depression. If all you want to do as the player is sit and drink away the demons then that is an option, if you as the player want to explore every nook and cranny of the Arca Magnus, you are more than welcome to do so, it’s your choice.

Ultimately, the main aim of this game is to explore the serious psychological implications of long term space travel, artificial intelligence interactivity and crippling loneliness.


  • Delerium features fully dynamic lighting
  • Delerium takes advantage of both the FMOD audio engine and the Oculus audio plugin for fully directional 3D sound and dynamic audio occlusion
  • Delerium will also feature the VICO dynamics particle physics library and plugin for physically simulated cables, ropes and so on with full collision.

Also, please bear in mind that these screenshots are PRE-ALPHA, there are rendering errors and not all of the design, materials or static meshes are final.



Thank you for reading about my little project! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below