Delegate "access violation reading location"

Hello Epic and Friends!

I have a delegate and a queue that is being populated in another thread and I am running into what I would consider some confusing behavior. The delegate is bound on construction of an object on the main thread, and is executed on the main thread only.


The code above runs successful literally for tens of thousands of iterations sometimes, then only several hundred or dozens on other occasions.

I believe I am doing things in a thread safe manner here but as the deep intricacies of c++ and indeed threading in general are still mysterious to me, I was wondering if any part of this stands out as bad practice, or if there is an explainable reason as to why this is happening.
Hoping someone could shed some light on my flaw here.
Thanks =D

This was actually a simple answer! TArrays are not thread safe, so there were a number of threading issues that arose. The solution was to use a TQueue instead, which makes total sense.