Delay timer for pickup

I know that some mods have a delay timer for pickup and vanilla has a timer before demolish, but I cannot find this vairable for my structure. I disabled demolish and only want pickup, but without this timer, simply tapping “E” on it picks it up which is annoying. Anyone know where this variable is? Thanks in advance.

Delayed pick up is a custom graphed thing (as far as i know). You build a custom pickup mutliuse event with a delayed use and handle giving the item back to the player and destroying the actor.

Yes, and no. You can build a custom MultiUse (plus the Try logic) entry to replace the default one or you can override it. It’s just a matter of getting the correct entry in the array, passing all other variables and replacing just the Entry Activation Time then replacing the entry in the array with the new MultiUse - the array is just an externally provided one(containing the defaults) which you then have the ability to manipulate(as you replace the array with the local variable) and pass through the modified entries.