Delay time in Construction script

I’ve created a blueprint class with a spot light and that the visibility of the light can be triggered with an trigger volume, I’ve dragged multiples instances of the blueprint class in my scene, I went to the construction script for that blueprint class to set different colors and intensity for each light, but I also want to make a delay node so that if a enter the trigger volume box in game play that every light instance can go on in a different time ( like a pattern ) Light intensity must stay the same but only want to change the time visibility for each light in my scene.
How would I achieve this?

ps. sorry for bad english

Random or ordered based on positioning?

Never mind I’m an idiot! Manage to fix my problem

. Don’t know if there is a easier way but I had to copy my light components ( in my Blueprint Class viewport ) paste it and move it to another location in the same viewport.
And here is a image of my blueprint for my Blueprint Class Component.